Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

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Re: Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

Thanks Phil,

look the problem is there are so many people who get a digital camera, and for some reason they think "hey, I could make money out of this"... or a friend says, "hey, your photos are great (they are not), you should do this for money". These scenarios are not only real but repeated a thousand times over. And, it is exactly this that has wrecked the industry.

But, as I said, it was only a small window in the historical context of photography anyway, so, for those of us who were fortunate enough to profit from that period, great.

And while it is a shame that those countless hours in the darkroom, the early adoption of digital technology, the years of learning, much of it on the job are now rendered obsolete, it really is not something to complain about. I am truly thankful for the awesome experience I had.

What bothers me is the sheer proliferation of fauxtographers who refer to themselves as "professionals" who have done no hard yards at all. And never will. And would not have a clue.

As for me, I will develop my art photography and move as far away from "Professional" photography as I can.

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