Does have a Photo Critique Forum?

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Re: Does have a Photo Critique Forum?

Thanks for the feedback gang. You made me smile:) I see the Samples and Galleries Forums and the other photo categories, but not much feedback on the images. I was hoping that somewhere there was a forum on here where members could just scroll along looking at images, rather then having to click on each thread to view a image. I see lots of images posted but not much feedback. I may submit a couple of pix and see if I get any response. I'm trying to decide on some pix for a local annual contest this week and like to get opinions from others.

I would like to post the name/link of the other site, so you could see how they do their critique forum, but I am afraid of breaking rules. Most folks are probably familiar with the other site but I could be wrong:)
I got my basketball and I am ready to run home if it gets nasty. LOL

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