Why Can't Canon Offer a 24-105mm f/2.8 L II USM

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Re: My preference would be f/2 series zooms with limited ranges

I agree with the weight. I do own the 28-300L zoom so I have what others deem as the ultimate all in one lens, but I still hardly use this lens when compared to the 24-105 and it has more to do with overall sharpness and limitations with lower light situations. I own a Canon ipf-8300 44" photo printer, so I can actually see the subtle differences when making monster prints up to 44x65". I have made very acceptale 44x65 canvas prints from photos taken with the 24-105, but in post processing, one always wonders, what the print would look like with better sharpness/IQ. I also like low light, so having the ability to open the f/stop without swapping lenses would be a huge benefit especially when you have only one lens in your possession and for me that is often.

I really like the 24mm wide focal lenth for wide shooting and I do have a 16-35mm but can work with 24mm. For me, and regardless of the weight, the added sharpness and faster f stop would be something I would jump at if offered by Canon.

In a world of lens, it seems that maybe certain lens pick you? And perhaps for me, the 24-105 is that default "go to" lens and so to be able to get an updated, sharper and faster version, for me would be a match made in heaven. I would buy such a lens in a NY minute.

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