canon L lenses on nex?

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Re: canon L lenses on nex?

I don't have any L glass, but I do have the Conorus adapter which works really well with Canon EOS lenses. Image stabilisation and aperture are supported, but not for all lenses. Works on the lenses I have (IS one is 17-55mm EF-S, the other is the 50mm F1.4).

remstar25 wrote:

hey guys i'm wondering if anyone is using the canon l series lenses on the nex.. i love using my kit lens but this camera deserves some better glass… I was looking at purchasing the 24-105 for my walk around lens since i dont auto focus at all anymore… or and maybe the 50mm 1.2 for portraits… at this point before i shell out the cash for these lenses i just wanted to know if anyone has attempted using this setup on the nex at all and if so what are the pro's and con's.. also if you feel there are better lenses to use at a cheaper or more convenient size please feel free to chime in also… Samples if possible… thanks guys

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