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Re: and here's the problem

Essentially though, part time photographers using digital and therefore next to zero overheads (after buying their cheap DSLR's etc) have played a major role in the destruction of the photography industry. Back when I was using film, there were part time photographers, but it was much different to now.

When you consider the history of photography though, the window for making a great living out of it was very short lived. The first image was made in 1826 and became a viable process by 1839. Then of course it took a while before it became accessible to more than just a select group, and ultimately, with Oscar Barnack's Leica, it transformed into a tool flexible enough to take image making to the masses.

So I think really, the period from the 1970's to about 2008 represented the best time frame for making decent bucks out of photography. I started in the early 1990s and in my career, the period between 2002 and 2008 really stood out. My early uptake of digital resulted in a huge reduction in overheads and the ability to sell a lot more images. It was fantastic.

However, photography has evolved to the next phase, and, I love it more than ever. Just can't see myself working in the industry any longer...

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