XZ-1 And E-PL3

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Re: XZ-1 And E-PL3

I have both cameras... couldn't resist a killer deal on the XZ-1 last week and so far I really like the camera. I bought it for taking shots of people at social gatherings, and it's already a hero. Here are a couple positives of each model I've noticed -

  • Has a great macro flexibility, where you can still make any adjustments on the camera you want. Not so on the PL3 kit.

  • Can slide into a pocket very easily. Only on the PL3 with a pancake lens.

  • Bright lens is great for indoor shooting. Flash and large aperture can be used in conjunction. The camera has some intelligence as far as slow sync and color temp compensation as well.

  • Built-in flash is quick and easy. (but maybe not as quite as bright as the clip-on for the PL3)


  • Flip screen is great for low/high-angle shooting.

  • Interchangeable lenses with some great options now available in new lenses as well as adapters for legacy glass.

  • Both AF and write speeds to SD card are a bit faster than the XZ-1.

  • More bracketing options available and faster burst speed - both great for HDR work.

I think both cameras are very good. The XZ-1 is a definite win for macro and convenience. The PL3 has more options for serious photography. You can't really lose either way!

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