Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Thom has updated what he said

But aren't the outer points specced to f/5.6, meaning that for a lens with no focus shift, they should normally place the subject anywhere within the conventionally defined DOF for the lens when stopped down to f/5.6?

That's a lot less precise than nailing it at f/1.4, and what is the context of the convention?

Clearly, some cameras can nail it, but that is not a given and should not be expected. If you want f/1.4 with accuracy across the board, then this is not your camera.

I think that what we are seeing with the d800 is the beginning of the end of this iteration of PDAF, and future high resolution bodies will have to adopt newer technology to keep up with the enhanced imaging tech and elevated customer expectations. 2.5 to 3 grand is a lot to plonk down on a camera, pro or amateur, so expectations are that it should be perfect and not just within spec. The spec is no longer appropriate.

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