New Retina Mac vs. Year Old Mac with high-res antiglare screen

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Re: New Retina Mac vs. Year Old Mac with high-res antiglare screen

Adjuster wrote:

Went to a Mac store to see if there was any advantage to upgrading to a new Retina Mac. I was surprised to find no visible difference between the Retina and the high-res antiglare screen

I just went down to the Apple store as well, I've been hearing a lot of hype on some of my favorite photography podcasts, and just like you I was disappointed.

First, beware, there is a lot of glare on the retina display. Apple claimed they reduced glare by 75% on the retina display, but man this thing had some serious glare, and it wasn't even near the windows.

Second, the Settings control panel was not accessible on the floor models. So I couldn't figure out how to check the actual resolution being displayed. I'll say this much, Aperture, iPhoto, Safari, all looked about the same.

Third, it's thinner, yup, but nothing like an Air. I realize the Air isn't in the same category when it comes to performance, but the retina MBP isn't shockingly thinner and lighter.

Conclusion, if you were planning on buying a MBP anyway, the retina model is great (unless you plan to take it outside or in a car) but if you have a decent notebook, or an Air, there's no reason to splurge on a retina MBP.

PS: from a marketing standpoint I'm shocked Apple has two types of MBP, it's just odd that the product line isn't unified. Not sure Steve would approve. Make them all retinas, or none, but two types is confusing the hell out of non-geeks.

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