The E-M5 cannot replace a DSLR (part deux)

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Re: The E-M5 cannot replace a DSLR (part deux)

Although my E-M5 isn't arriving until tomorrow. I have great expectations for it. But, admittedly, I can imagine that, as the focus system isn't as sophisticated as say a Nikon D4, I would not expect the E-M5 to fair quite as well. The E-M5 is a $1000 vs. a Nikon D4 that runs $6000.

But, in it's defense, I can also imagine that it will replace my DSLR for many other situations as I got it because I don't care to drag my Nikon D700 + lenses around. I have a single lens that weighs more than the E-M5 + 12-50mm lens combined.

I guess what I'm getting at is that, the right tool for the right job. For sport/action, perhaps the E-M5 isn't suited. But for street photography, portraits, studio work, architecture, travel, etc., I have a feeling my E-M5 will not leave my side. For my absolute pro work, my Nikon will probably always have its place.

Until I use it and feel how it handles, it will be tough for me to agree or disagree with this group of posts but I do, without having done any work with it, feel that it can compete in extreme situations as a Nikon D4 (or similar) would. That is also not to say, however, that it is considered the best m43 camera on the market by many.

Either way, I dig your shots. I don't think I would be displeased with those results.

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