Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Thom has updated what he said

Or the D700 or the D200 or the D70. All of these cameras exhibited quality variations consistent with volume manufacture, with an appreciable number of failures of each making it to market.

Yes, some don't work.

Yes, this is normal. Never more so than when a manufacturing process is immature or under excessive pressure.

No, it's not "fair" if yours is one of the suboptimal performers.

No, we don't know how many are malfunctioning, either as an absolute or a percentage, in spite of some apparent sample data which give paradoxically different perspectives. We don't know the reliability of the sources of these figures, so why do we trust them? Because they appeal to us by supporting our own personal bias one way or the other.

I would dearly love for there to be zero defects getting to market so that everybody could buy, confident of full satisfaction, but that is not the nature of the beast. As somebody already remarked, this is why warranty periods and consumer protection law is imposed upon manufacturers. Things go wrong and build standards vary from line to line, operative to operative, day to day.

Finally, phase detection AF simply is not guaranteed to be that good. It can be, but you should not bank on it to be, according to the specification. I do believe that the manufacturer's system spec should carry more credence than a consumer's expectations, which are not guaranteed to be realistic.

Live view AF is widely acknowledged (including by Nikon, Canon et al) to offer greater precision than PDAF, which must surely tell you something. It must surely tell you that by design, PDAF is fallable. It may be imprecise, particularly where lens abberations begin to muddy the waters. It may fail. By design.

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For those jumping onto the bandwagon Thom has updated what he said about the D800 issues

'Update: before people get blowing this too far out of proportion, it doesn't mean that half of the D800's being shipped have problems. It does mean, even with this small sample, that there are enough bad eggs out there that my sample is worrisome, which is what I wrote ("...I'm a little concerned..."). This hasn't happened with any previous Nikon DSLR that has been launched. This launch feels different, is all I'm saying. '

Evidently Thom has never heard of the D7000

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