D3 or D700 best for printing large photo's

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Re: D3 or D700 best for printing large photo's

If deciding between the two you need to handle the cameras. I've had a d700 and d3 (and still have the D3) and I find the D3 always seems to just get the shot. Can't really explain it but my D3 never seems to get in the way of my photography.

The D700 is a good camera, but I just prefer the viewfinder of the D3 and also the bulk which actually I found (other opinions may vary) helps with my handholding technique. Also, the dual card slots I find very handy as I've a SD card (via CF card adapter) in one for Jpegs that I can preview on my iPad and the other for RAW for latter processing if required.

As for printing, like the others have said I've seen huge canvasas printed from D3/D700 files and it's all about the photo in print. Worry more about composition and 'quality' of your subject than how large you can print in my humble opinion.

With all this talk about D800s its a refreshing change to talk about something else. I love my D3 (I've used and owned a lot of other cameras in my as well) but it's always the camera I come back to. Yes, I'd love a D4 (not so much the D800) but whilst my D3 continues to work for me it is hard to justify the considerable expense to upgrade.

Hope my ramblings help a little

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