Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

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Re: Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

They all require recievers & a transmitter. The new Phottix looks nice but IMO is now priced too close the PW which would be my choice. Nikon will soon be announcing a SB???? version of Canon's radio capable 600EX-RT flash unit which is excellend from what I have read. When that happens the writing will be on the wall for these expensive aftermarket add-ons. When you consider the price of these units and the price of the new Canon flash unit at $549 there's no point is spending the money on PWs etc when you can just sell you existing flash units and upgrade to the newer one and not have all that added complexity for add-ons. I have the Phottix Stratos which will hold me over until Nikon catches up with techology.

Thanks to Canon for being the first to come out with RF in their top of the line flash. Wth so many devices using wireless these day it amazing that the camera manufactures have taken so long to use RF instead of the old infrared technology.

Ron J

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