Condensation prevention for early morning summer shots...

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Re: Condensation prevention for early morning summer shots...

HEA-45 wrote:

How does one prevent condensation on lenses and filters for early morning summer shots? A trip this past weekend to a distant lake ended in frustration when heavy condensation appeared on my lenses and filters. I have shot at dawn many times, but I never experienced anything like this. Constant wiping and the use of lens covers accomplished little. Basically, the shot was ruined.

Information: The camera and associated equipment were inside my air-conditioned house during the night (76 degrees F), but the 1 hour trip was made in my car without air conditioning. Location: Northeast, USA.

It sounds like it wasn't literally a condensation issue, where water in vapor form condenses to liquid on a surface that is below the dew point of the air, although if your equipment had not yet warmed up to ambient temperature this is still possible. But from your description it sounds like there may have been a very fine mist already in the air (that is, water that had already condensed into very small droplets). It is essentially dew, and is present when air itself falls to the dew point temperature. In this case the temperature of the surface doesn't matter -- since the condensation has already occurred, the tiny droplets will stick to any surface they contact. I have also run into this occasionally on cool mornings, with the same results on my camera. The best defense if to keep the camera and lens covered, and check the front element before taking each shot that you want to be sharp, and shoot fast!.


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