anyone gone from a D3x to a D800 here?

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Re: anyone gone from a D3x to a D800 here?

Wanchese wrote:

The processing time though is a bee atch. I shot 5,000 keepers (and another > > 1,200 or so deletes) over the Memorial Day weekend, and still don't have all the > photos ready. Even on a dual CPU, 8 core Dell workstation with 12 gigs of RAM, > my workflow can best be described as leisurely.

This past weekend has made me think twice about the D800. The extra time required for processing and file handling may just be too much for my requirements. Looking at some of my D3X captures, I wonder just how much better can a good photo be?

This needs to be said, and discussed seriously. My D800 gives me detail that is nothing short of thrilling, at ISO I only dreamed about with my former D200, with startling IQ in every way. It is, beyond doubt, a fantastic camera.

BUT -- processing time has gone wayyy up. I also have a dual CPU workstation, with 24 GB fast ECC RAM, which did fine on 10 mb images. It now crawls when I open half a dozen 36 mp images in CS6. Even scarier: PSD file sizes have exceeded Godzilla proportions. I'm talking 1, 1.5, 1.8 gigabytes each! While cheerfully processing an image the other day, using my typical workflow of adding layers such as curves, vibrance, color curves and a couple of plugin layers I got a frightening message box: "Could not save file because it exceeds the 2.00 G limit for PSD files"

Wow! It wasn't even that many layers. I've often used many more, no problem. So here's a whole new twist -- gotta keep your layers down, flatten a lot, delete adjustment layers and so on. But if you ever want to re-edit, which I often do, you're sunk after deleting the layers. Start all over.

I'm torn. I've started shooting in 1.2 mode, which is 25 mp. and it's a lot better. One thought is to reserve 36 mp for those special needs or landscapes.

Another thought -- may the gods forgive me -- is to sell the D800 and get a D4, then hope that technology makes the processing easier in a couple of years. So far I'm sticking with the 25 mp option.

This huge resolution thing is trickier than I thought. It's very much a double edged sword.

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