Microscope Photography --- What's a 'T Mount"?

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Re: Microscope Photography --- What's a 'T Mount"?


In case of use I used a Sigma SD14 for some time on a microscope and shared the experiences at article below (compared to a Nikon D5000). This shows a typical T2 mount setup with camera directly coupled to a Zeiss research microscope using a T2 photomicro adapter off eBay to couple to vertical photo tube on microscope.

Some microscopists prefer to independently support an SLR camera from the scope to avoid vibration but can depend on the type of scope, shutter range and objective mags as to whether vibration is likely. The Sigma's mirror lock will help reduce this.

The Sigma photomicrography workflow wasn't as straightforward as with a DSLR with Live View and remote control and/or tethering but very capable of good results.

As an aside the most serious vibration I've experienced for photomicroscopy is with mirrorless cameras not digital SLRs, they can give a real old kick to even a large research scope despite their lack of mirror. I believe it may be because they start with open shutter, so there's a shut/open cycle at start of exposure.



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