Nokia Phone Camera beats EPL2 in blind test...??

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Re: Nokia 808 has a very large sensor (1/1.2") (more)

In the 808's case, it sorta' depends on whether you regard the sensor physical size as the "effective" sensor size, post binning.

I'm not knocking this approach, it males a lot of sense considering the format in which cell phone images will likely be distributed, and it allows a very interesting approaches to "electronic" zooming and noise reduction, both of which likely have applicability to "conventional" digital camera design.

However, it's also a good illustration of the human imposed form-factor limits on the phone side and the inexorable demands of physics on the optical side: the 808 is about as thick a phone as users will tolerate, and even so can accommodate only a moderately wide angle lens (28mm equivalent, going out 2.8X via electronic zoom), and is producing effectively the output of around an 8MP camera phone.

No small accomplishment, but under any buy ideal conditions well short of the IQ and flexibility of a M43 body and handful (literally) of lenses.

Where else could we go with this?

One possibility would a folding phone/camera, hinged along the long edge and opened in camera mode.

Another could be based on the various internal focusing mechanisms employer in "tough" P&S cameras - the issue here is that to get a usable optical path at least a portion of the mechanism has to be under the display, which imposed some difficult design constraints, especially in thinner phones.

Another is to add "phone" features to a "camera".

My bet is that on the "phone" side, device thickness is the driving constraint for 95%+ of users, and that we will see more and more effort to improve "camera" functionality within that constraint; I suspect that products like the 808 just don't have sufficient appeal - based on form factor - to ever be more that micro-niche players.

But... I like to be proved wrong in such regards.


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