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Re: How many is not many?

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The Sendai production tells us, that the real D300 replacement is the D600, which Nikon expects to sell a lot. The D400, if it is ever released, would be niche camera. Considering the demand for the D800 and the probably closeness in specification to the D7000 replacement, I can hardly see them sell many. I think it will the a option for the die hard DX fans and probably the last semi-pro DX camera. If Nikon is clever they won´t release this camera at all, as an up-graded DX7X00 would probably be enough to satisfy the few users who refuse to go FX.

Buffer of Nikon's offering at that level of camera has remains consistently in the same place in the market during the entire time of the class of camera. As has AF speed and accuracy.

Yes, they have improved, but no, they are not sufficient.

For the folks here, this is about perception, and what is 'pro' or not 'pro'. It is about nothing of substance.

I consider getting the shot to be QUITE substancial.

I just did a bit of research and it turns out that the D300 and D7000 use the same mech, and it is a lower spec one than the D3/D4/D700/D800 mech - those have a separate motor to drive the aperture lever, while the DX mech (inherited from the D2) uses a 'slap' from the mirror motor. So, the D7000 mech is already 8FPS capable. Presumably the present AF would be upgraded with the new processors, just like the D4/D800 was, or its quite possible that if no D400, the D4/D800 AF would find its way into the the D7100. The D7000 already uses the same build principles as the D300's major competitor, the only difference being that the base and front panels are plastic on the D7000 and mag alloy on the 7D. The base is easily rectified, but unlikely that the front panels will be, because they are plastic on all Nikons, D4 included.

So, a sufficiently upgraded D7000 would essentially be directly equivalent to its nearest competitor,

Which is a three year old camera.

Everybody who is excited about buying Nikon's new camera that is equivelent to what Canon did 3 years ago raise your hands!

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