Nokia Phone Camera beats EPL2 in blind test...??

Started Jun 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Michael Dodge Thomas Regular Member • Posts: 181
Re: Nokia Phone Camera beats EPL2 in blind test...??

There is no question that under "ideal" conditions phone cameras are getting, very very good, and will likely get much better. For example there is enough depth in many smart phone bodies to allow for a cleverly crafted 3-4X optical zoom... if you are willing to give up something else to obtain the internal volume to to do it.

What you can't do is provide (for example) the low-light performance of a larger sensor and optical path - no matter how good the camera functions of these phones gets, they will never achieve similar the low-light capabilities relative to larger optical/sensor systems.

So the question becomes: "In what respects and under what conditions will the phones get so good that as a practical matter form factor outweighs optical performance"? (FF vs M43 redux!)

Looks to me like at the moment / in the new future casual daylight "snapshot" photography is already there, especially as most of it will be seem almost exclusively on mobile devices and conventional LCD displays.

Probably, its also reached the point where it may be the most desirable format for daylight street photography, given the "stealth" factor... I can see owning a phone, sometime in the next few years, where under such conditions it's my tool of choice, even if I have someone "better" in the bag over my shoulder.

As for "cameras" as most of us understand them, I see a niche for very small dedicated optical systems providing performance similar to today's sub-FF "enthusiast" cameras (as they evolve) , and a niche for systems which achieve current "medium format" performance and better (at a smaller size as sensor technology evolves), and a niche for "serious" video, bur not much else.

However, I'm prepared to be surprised...

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