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shiningshimmering wrote:

I wanted to get help too when it comes to looking for the best compact digital camera. I wanted to find something from the Sony Cybershoot line. We had one before but I lost it somewhere during one of my trips. Ever since I started traveling, I was keen on taking as many pictures as I could with family and friends. I envied those who have their DSLRs but I'm not confident enough to use them. I'd settle for a compact digicam. Anyone who can recommend something? Thanks.
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Shortyboy281 wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

Your question is about asking "what is the best car?"

Different P&S cameras are better for different things, and you won't get one that is "best" at everything. For example, what is more important, zoom range, low light capability or size?

You need to give more information about what you want to shoot and what your priorities are.
Chris R

Most important is picture quality and a little low light capability.

i am thinking NEX-C3/F3 is the best option for both of you. it have good low light capability but with P&S body and operation.

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