a100 smokes a33@800iso

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Bosman71 Junior Member • Posts: 47
Re: a100 smokes a33@800iso

When you look at DXO and check the measured iso values for the a100 you will see that iso 800 is on he A100 is actual 927 where the A33 iso 800 is actual 610.

As I am not a scientist I don't know exactly what the effect in image quality is, but at iso 800 the A100 is actually iso 317 higher then the A33.

Then next to that there is the SLT mirror which takes some light. So in the end the A100 isn't that bad?

I still use my A100 and I must say that especially in bright situations the CCD sensor is very nice. Handling of the A100 is a big + as well, with the easy dial direct access. The only big negatives of the A100 for me is the loud shutter and you definitely need some fast glass to keep the iso rating low (max 800) and the autofocus should be better/faster. I still like the thing.

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