Pros and cons of Tokina 12-24/4 lens?

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Re: Pros and cons of Tokina 12-24/4 lens?

There are two versions of this lens the first when shot into pin point light sources show up with a rainbow bloom around the light sources. This was to be corrected in the series II lens, I don't know how successful they were in the correction. So if you shoot allot of subjects with pin point light lean towards the series II.

As far as sharpness, color transmission, contrast and clarity the lens is great...! I don't know if the flaw mentioned in earlier post was fixed in the series II lens..? The poster did not mention what series they had..? For me I have the series I, I got it when the lens came out and have had years of wonderful use with it. When the series II came out for my type of shooting (scenics) that rarely dealt with pinpoint light. It wasn't worth the upgrade to the series II.

As for the Sigma mentioned earlier I had a friend that bought one so I borrowed it for a day and used it well. I noticed no improvement in sharpness just I was able to go wider. And yes it is built like a tank..!


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