Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

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Re: Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

You can't really go wrong with the 70-200 VRII but if you buy that before the 24-70, you'll be disappointed with the 24-70 later....... my advice is to consider a top quality wide(ish) prime instead of the 24-70 like the 35 1.4.

The 85 1.4 is also very special and I couldn't consider that or the 70-200 as being in the same need set. The 85 1.4 is spectacular but it can't shoot at 70-84mm or 86-200mm but the 70-200 can't do what the 85 does at any aperture either in my view.

Gravter wrote:

Is there anything I should be checking out or aware of when buying a new pro lens?

This will be my first "new" pro lens. I will be getting the 70-200mm VRII from my local pro camera shop (Vistek).

I was hesitating between the 85 1.4G and the 70-200 but find that I need more reach.

My goal this year is to get the trinity of Nikon zoom lenses and probably the D800 once it's available in strore (without ordering it!).


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