Help! Traveling sx260 vs. hx20v

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Re: Help! Traveling sx260. Try "Positive Film" mode

1. Canon's cams are factory set to have natural colors, if you want them vivid, you need to crank up the color saturation, contrast etc settings. Since it's a personal preference, you would need to experiment. I have SX260 and colors are perfectly fine on mine. But again if I wanted to make them more vivid there is option called "my color", I would imagine this is where you crank the color up.

2. If you want to shoot RAW (not sure if they'll make program for it, the cam is new), all the JPEG settings make no difference whatsoever, you would need to process RAW files and decide how vivid you want them to be.

3. I could swear, I've seen panorama setting in the menu of SX260, but I had no chance to play with it yet. Even if there was none, you could stitch panorama shots using computer software, but to do it right you really need tripod and know exactly what you're doing and SX260 would not be my first choice for that. It's more like traveling companion for point and shoot, rather than something I would want to work on the tripod.

4. You could do HDR on the computer also, without any help from menus on your camera, you just mount it on the tripod and bracket few shots with different exposures, then combine them on the computer, but again SX would not be my first choice to work it on tripod.

I basically use it for snapshots, but I also do have DSLR, so I may be spoiled in that regard: If I have to drag my tripod, I may as well drag my DSLR and forget about SX. SX260 comes to play when I want to travel light and have fun.

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