150-500 v 120-400?

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Re: Sigma 120-400 Samples?

Hi Lee,

It was no trouble to post the images, you are welcome. By the way the dog belongs to a neighbour but the dog pays a visit most days.

I find the OS on the Sigma is very good. As I said it can make a bit of a whine when switched on. It is quick and effective, so hand held is can produce some very good results. The only problem that I have with this lens is that my daughter keeps "pinching" it whenever she can without telling me. She thinks this lens is brilliant.

Below are someexamples that my daughter took with my lens on her Nikon D40. The D40 is only 6.1 megapixels but I think the results are very acceptable considering. They are all handheld with the OS turned ON. The first seven images are straight out of the camera with NO post processing applied. They are as they were taken in jpeg. The last three have been cropped and had some light PP applied.

I hope that you find these helpful in making your decision.

Where are you located in the UK ? I am based in Somerset so if you are anywhere near that area you would be more than welcome to have a play with my set up.


Bryan (BPB)

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