New PC Specification for CS5 & LR4.1

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You're probably thinking of Sandy Bridge E vs Sandy Bridge

steven_k wrote:


Note that the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 2xxx CPU models are 2nd Generation Sandy Bridge CPUs. Intel has also recently released their 3rd Generation models known as Ivy Bridge. These are their Core i3, i5 and i7 3xxx models, and they're even faster than the older 2xxx series models. For example, the Core i5 3450 is a newer Ivy Bridge Quad Core model that some PC manufacturers are now shipping in newer PC models.

Is the new I7 Ivy Bridge quad core faster then the 6 core I7 Sandy Bridge?

You're probably thinking of Sandy Bridge E versus Sandy Bridge.

The Core i7 Sandy Bridge CPUs like the Core i7 2600 have 4 cores supporting 8 threads.

The same is true for newer Ivy Bridge models like the Core i7 3770 (4 cores supporting 8 threads).

For 6 cores, your best bet is to move into a Sandy Bridge E CPU model with 6 cores supporting 12 threads. For example, the Core i7 3930K. It a Socket 2011 design and requires a different motherboard chipset compared to Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Yes, the Core i7 3930K is [significantly] faster than current Ivy Bridge CPUs on most benchmarks, thanks to more cores supporting more threads and more onboard CPU cache. If you want a single CPU setup, it's probably tough to beat a Core i7 3930K (and they make an even faster Core i7 3960X, but it's probably not worth the increase in cost compared to the Core i7 3930K).

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