Problem with wireless power adjustment elinchrom

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Re: Problem with wireless power adjustment elinchrom


Normally the Rangers run from a power setting of 1.5 to 7.5. While I'm not an expert on the PW Flex system, I do know that when you connect the units the PW system sets your pack to the mid-way power point and refers to that as 0. From there you can either go down or up. Your system might just need to be calibrated. I'd first check with the PW folks themselves. If you still don't get an answer I like the other users suggestion about contacting Tom Bol. You might also try Chris Garrison, action sports photographer out of Tampa who is big into Rangers and the PW Flex system.

Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.

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mcallister81 wrote:


I am having a problem controlling my elinchrom flash unit wirelessly using pocketwizards from my camera. Here are the specs first that I am using;

-Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS with an "S" head
-Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 on camera and a Power ST4 on the flash unit
-Nikon D7000

So when I set it all up, I can control the elinchrom unit from the camera using the TT1 controls, but just not fully. The elinchrom has settings from 1.5 up to 7.5, but I cannot get it to go lower than 3.5 no matter what. I have the latest firmware on the PW's, tried altering the center points in the PW utility, did factory resets on the PW's, and nothing is working. A rep at PW even set up my exact equipment, but he was able to get full power tracking from 1.5 to 7.5. He was thinking it could be a firmware issue in the Ranger pack itself, but Elinchrom flat out said they know of no firmware problems that could cause this.

The odd thing is I can manually go lower than 3.5 by manually going to the Ranger unit & lowering the power there. But the second I start adjusting the power from the TT1 again, it instantly jumps back to 3.5 or higher.

PW said they could have me send the Ranger in to them & they could reverse engineer the hardware so that it could work, if that is indeed the problem.

Before I do anything that extreme, I was hoping maybe anyone with experience with these may shed some light on other possibilities. Maybe it is something real simple that has been overlooked. I am new to strobe lighting, but really want to use it to learn, but would prefer to resolve this so I can learn without restrictions.


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