B&H Photo I got my D800E

Started Jun 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jan Morales Regular Member • Posts: 335
Definitely see a local dealer if you can

I love B&H and am a long-time customer, but for this particular item, the D800E, you should wait for B&H only if you have absolutely no access to a local dealer.

I was a Canon shooter, but I pre-ordered the D800E in March from B&H and Amazon when the 5DIII was announced. My nearest local dealer is over 20 miles away so I've usually just stuck with B&H for my gear.

But after reading thread after thread here about how months later people are still measuring their place in line by how many minutes and seconds after the opening of pre-order they placed their order, I decided to spend an hour last month in May and drive out to the two local dealers and get myself on their lists. Last week one of them came through and I spent the weekend shooting with my new camera. That took a bit less than one month.

I will still use B&H for many things, but the side benefit of all this is I found out how wonderful the local dealers are.

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