What's YOUR FF cost v benefit?

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What's YOUR FF cost v benefit?

As usual there are some threads about FF running. One thing that keeps cropping up is the cost of lenses; usually how expensive FF lenses are compared to APS-C crop equivalents.

I've tried thinking about it a different way: if I decided to buy a FF body what would I actually need to spend on lenses to carry on shooting the way I like. For me it's an academic question: I decided some time ago that I don't really want FF and the results here confirm that - but I have put some honest thought into it.

At the wide end I use the 8mm of my Sigma 8-16 more than any other length. The first FF lens I would buy is the Sigma 12-24; £679 (for Nikon mount - I don't see a K-mount today).

My most-used lens is my DA35/2.8, more often as a "normal" lens than for its macro capability. I rarely use my FA50/1.4 but on FF it would become my most-used. Perhaps not quite the colours of the DA series but no need to spend anything.

For macro/close-up I mostly use my DFA100/2.8WR. The reduced reach on FF wouldn't matter here. I'd also use this lens for what I currently use my DA70/2.4 for, so again no need to spend anything.

Now we get to the tricky point: on film I used 135 as my tele; the DFA100 is a bit longer on APS-C but suits me well. I've tried using the DA70 and it just isn't long enough for what I want - so how do I cover the 135-150 spot? There's nothing current so I'd be forced to a legacy lens. (What I wouldn't do is buy a zoom - I don't like using them and I don't want the weight). It's hard to put a cash price on this but there's a real cost of capability, even if only being forced to MF.

For tele I'd need the DA*300/4 (which I'm assuming will be fine on FF) to cover for my DA*200/2.8; £999. If I could find a decent Pz 1.4/1.5X TC or if Pentax does eventually deliver on that the cost here would drop to around £200.

So for me the cost would be something significantly over £1,000 on top of the cost of the FF body.

One point about the tele lens: it's true that I sometimes carry two bodies so it would tecnically be possible to do that with the 20 on a crop body: but at 70 years old the two-body option gets less and less feasible, and for some of the holidays I take I just couldn't get both within my carry-on baggage allowance (often limited to 5kg and camera gear isn't all that has to fit in that).


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