OMD landscape questions with a twist....

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That's a lot of cameras - but none are pocketable

You've got plenty of cameras that have to fit in bags or be worn with a neck strap - why not take one that fits in a pocket? Think Canon S90-100, Fuji X10, Sony RX100, Panasonic LX3, or the like.

It can open up opportunities. You've got so many cameras I wonder how you'll figure out which one to use.

I find on family trips that being light and mobile ultimately delivers better pictures - you are less weighed down and can participate in the vacation without being encumbered with a bunch of kit.

I don't take my D700 on family trips - just a m4/3 body, a couple of lenses like the 7-14 and a few primes, maybe the kit zoom, and a pocketable camera. In my opinion, once small cameras were able to shoot at 24mm equivalents (and wider), and recently, usable panoramas, the need to take larger format equipment is greatly lessened.

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