Just upgraded X100 FW 1.20 to 1.30...WOW!

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Re: Just upgraded X100 FW 1.20 to 1.30...WOW!


Sorry for the late reply, thought I'd wait and do some tests (or take some pictures in a totally none test like environment, what's better than real world!) all seems to be fine and in focus here. I use the same/similar focus method as you so I don't really know what to say, unless there is some forward/back focusing on your device :S


Asylum Photo wrote:

AFAIK, I set everything back up the same between firmwares. Center focus, AF-S, the box shrunk one time, focus and recompose. I was trying to focus on blinds last night and it just wouldn't catch. Which doesn't seem right, as blinds are pretty easy to focus on.

I'll test it again, I'm not prepared to go full on internet outrage about it, and I haven't used the X100 in a long time (been happily using my X-Pro1), so my memory could be unreliable.

GeorgeFellows wrote:

What focus point setup are you using and how do you focus - half press and reframe or full press?

Asylum Photo wrote:

I did the same, and now focus is not nearly as reliable as I remember it being. I might try re-applying it, it doesn't seem "right".

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