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makes no sense...

First of all, I do not own a Nikon 1 yet, but interested in the system and sooner or later probably will jump into it. I tried to gather info on the cameras, this is why I read LM's quick take.

It was pretty obvious that the only reason he made this article is to have a complete view of the market on his site. I can understand this, but this was not a fair writing. I have no problem that he does not like this system, he knew that it was not his cup of tea even before bought the camera. If this is the case he could have said that and skip the whole article all together. I think it does not make sense to write his opinion on a camera which not designed for his style and the target audience is completely different. It could be a perfectly fine camera for other folks, but he only makes them confused.

It was the same when I bought my P5000 compact. Some of the high-end reviewers said that they were disappointed because they wanted something else. They even had some valid points regarding the functionality, but I bought the camera anyway. I really like it despite it's shortcommings and I'm looking to replace this camera with the Nikon 1 system and I have deja vu. Reviewers need to understand that not everyone is a high-end user. I have no problem that they point to some weaknesses, I'm pretty sure these cameras are far from perfect, but they should at least say the positive things about it as well. For me the small sensor size is an advantage, as it has already better IQ than most compact, but the size and price can be low. For some this is also important and can be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

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