Film work flow in a Digital Age

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Re: Film work flow in a Digital Age

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David Strachan wrote:

Hi Roger
Yes, I am named after him, and look after his estate. He was my Uncle.

I like working in medium format, even large with my Linhof and Graflex. I had David's Hasselblad for a while, and still use his MF Yashica 635 twin lens reflex.

cheers Dave S

Wow....I've never even knew Yashica had a dual format camera. I used to have a 124 that I loved for the character of the lens.

A twin lens reflex as a dual format camera?
Isn't that sort of a misnomer?

It doesn't take multiple film formats if I remember right (memory lapse isn't that much of a stretch ), just medium format stock with twin lenses but it is listed out there as a dual format on Google so...

Yes, the Yashica 635 is in fact a dual format camera, in that it uses both 120 and 35mm film.

Hmm, I could almost go for that. Yashica wasn't a bad unit. I remember that much. I've seen one or two around lately in the shops. I should look closer next time. Thanks.


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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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