If anyone is interested in an AA v no AA analysis

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You confuse your impression of me with reality.

1) I agree no AA = more detail.
2) I agree a well tuned AA blurs some detail to nothing.

3) I do not agree that files coming from a weaker AA has significantly more detail in most shooting situations.

4) A weak AA introduces false detail that gives the impression of a lot more detail than there actually is.

5) If you don't sharpen a file taken with a with a well tuned AA, much of the detail will remain invisible because of the lack of contrast in the fine detail introduced by the AA.

6) People properly PPing their files get the impression that files from a stronger AA are much
closer to those from a weaker AA than those who don't.


1) If the ISO is high enough that there is noise in the file, the sharpening process also sharpens the noise.

2) Therefore, a weaker AA is probably preferable to someone shooting a lot of high ISO as long as the subjects aren't prone to colour moire ... such as clothing.

You see, you say I confuse detail with sharpeness ... but what has a sharpening halo got to do with detail? Nothing. That is why I wasn't bothered about the sharpening halos. I just whacked up the sharpening because if you can see the detail as a result, then the detail is there.

So, really, what on earth are you and Rriley banging on about?

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