Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

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Re: Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

Vegasluvr wrote:

If you have a great eye for details, you can be a great photographer. I have a lot of friends who are not professional photographers but their composition is fantastic. Your photo has to tell a story for it to be interesting.

Years ago when film was the rage, I remember seeing a lot of wasted film on poorly composed images.

With digital, you shouldn't have any bad images on your CF or SD cards since you can edit them.

It has more to do with Professional practice than image quality. Sure, these amateurs may pull off a few nice images... anyone can do that. Pros who have been at it for years produce a consistently high standard across the entire day. That is the difference.

The biggest problem though is the way in which the wanna be pros have undermined the industry by educating the public that photography is cheap... and now guess what... photography IS cheap. And all the wannabes who may have been aspiring to becoming real photographers that could make a viable income have killed the very thing they were aiming for.

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