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Re: I'd wish for an end to the "Lens Error of death"

redsquare wrote:

I wouldn't find a touch-screen at all appealing. I've never seen a touch-screen interface that didn't seem childish to me. It would turn me off the camera immediately.

Look, this is obviously just my opinion, but it's natural to touch something you can see and use it that way. Advanced smartphones like the iPhone have great touch screens that are way more useful to use than the previous phones which had just arrows and a dial pad.

The t4i announcement is exciting - whenever I looked at the quick menu, I always thought "this should really be a touchscreen". It just makes sense that you could immediately choose any of the settings to change from the screen.

However - I have yet to see a compact camera with a good touch screen, and from what I've heard Canon's other attempts at it are pretty poor as well. So I would also be annoyed to hear that they went to a touch screen on the s100-successor, just because I wouldn't trust them to implement a good touchscreen interface. It sounds like they slap on a half-assed design job, figuring that if it says "touch screen" that's good enough.

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