B&H was the worst place to order from!

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Re: If you ask an honest question ...

henryp wrote:

I engage in any conversation I choose to engage in and I'm free to ignore any conversation or individual I decide to overlook. There are things I don't say online as a matter of policy and things I don't say online because I don't think it'd be prudent to do so. I won't violate an NDA agreement.

Your honesty is always appreciated, even though it's the truth that most people required. Absent that, people will and have formulated their own conclusions.

Que sera, sera. There is no law that necessitates you answer customers, just best practices which suggest it's a cardinal sin not to.

I'm MOST interested in talking about equipment and techniques, closely followed by the industry and how the economy has an impact on manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and customers. Sometimes though a situation occupies all my available time and resources.

While Greta-gate was a distraction from the usual high praise B&H gets, it's good to know deep down you're just a home boy like the rest of us.

Thanks for taking the time to address this topic.

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