After the FUD, and passing of GAS ...

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Re: After the FUD, and passing of GAS ...


Detail Man wrote:

Finally, some semblance of sanity ? Like a high fever finally breaking, the relentless armies of the night no longer seeming like quite the bellicose armada of conformist inquisitors demanding loyalty oaths to the new monolithic template. Some perhaps minor "dents" now recognized to exist the once invincible armor of the emperor, people are emerging from their temporary foxholes, speaking of making perfectly rational and reasonable decisions to stay with and appreciate what they already have; to continue to use, and to again speak freely about, what already is quite adequate enough.

The GAS having perhaps now been somewhat passed, perhaps more joys of photography will return, and (perhaps even) the value of a little math here and there can be seen outside of the narrow prism of "wonder-widget of the day" wars ? Am not "holding my breath" on the latter ..

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