"Best" point and shoot for landscapes?

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Re: "Best" point and shoot for landscapes?

Hi pcake,

Scrivener, for the $70 more than the G1X, you could get a t3i with lenses that aren't as sharp and clear, nor will they be as fast nor as light. there are reasons that the G1X created so much excitement here among enthusiasts.

I knew the G1X is clear and sharp, but how do you arrive at it being clearer and sharper then the T3i's kit lens?? I've seen some fantastic shots taken with both, so I'm wondering what the difference could be?

Granted, kit lenses not as fast, though as the lens on the G1X can't be removed (well, without a hammer anyway) I take it you mean the overall system weight?

Given the size/weight of the G1X, I'm ok with the differences between it and the T3i and kit lens. As landscapes are what I'm after at the moment (though I believe at some point that will certainly change the small difference in speed isn't a dealbreaker either.

I was looking to the future, if a bag of money fell at my feet I 'could' buy more specific lenses, faster/wider/etc. with a dSLR..

Great point of view, I appreciate it, and look forward to the info about determining clarity and sharpness between lenses...

Thanks again for all the great info,

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