Guy Parson's file naming method

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Sane-intention might be more like it

rondom wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

However heavy sarcasm, no matter how clever the words, tends to demean the forum and will destroy what is left of it if it continues.

I think this place has been "legally dead" for some time.

for goodness sake, i make the most active users list with an average of five posts a week! which seems to be too much for you.
don't get discouraged please.

so from now on you get five less messages a week in dpreview froum a.k.a. tom caldwell blog.
enjoy the loving and positive atmosphere..

p.s. i wanted to comment on your "tired" picture, but chose not to. maybe i should before i say my good bye: as you were pressing the "to-die-for gxr shutter" were you in the middle of a ricoh customization speech?
bye now.

Well sorry if I have been boring .. There is not a lot to talk about with few releases from Ricoh - any other forum on dpreview will "die" between product releases - the extent of the death is directly proportional to the gap in releases. That is a fact of forums.

Some of us try to be constructive. But don't toddle off as it would be admitting defeat on your part, I would rather you use your undoubted literary skills in padding up the forum with your five posts per week. No doubt you can find some useful things to say. It would be nicer to play the ball rather than the man, but I can handle it if you choose otherwise.

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