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tessl8d wrote:

Just got the GRD IV after plenty of deliberation. Why did I wait so long and why won't DPReview(Amazon) test it?

Probably because it is very much still a GRDIII with some upgrades like PD AF, again finally, and also IS among some other upgrades. One downgrade is the smooth engine which uses more NR than the GRDIII. The GRDV is likely going to be next real upgrade with a new fast lens or may it be zoom that time.

Don't know if they just are going to ditch a real GX300 altogether. Then a zoom for the next GRD might make sense. Another 28mm lens only would not be a problem for me as long as it can offer something at least near real NR off. Not the current joke.

I keep use the GRDI and it almost always goes with me and also my 400G wide now when that one finally works as it should after too much problem with that awful Convar-Service in Germany.

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