Nikon 85mm f1.8 with D800

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Re: What about Sigma 85 f/1.4?

mmmiro wrote:

Every Tamron, Tokina, & Sigma lens I have used on a Nikon body hunts more than the equivalent Nikon lens. I don't know what they do that they aren't telling the other manufacturers about but Nikon are definitely doing something to make the Nikon lenses AF better and it doesn't matter whether it is a cheap consumer lens or it is a pro lens.

I have a theory, at least for Sigma lenses, which are the only non-Nikon lenses I own. (one of their macros, and have had an ultra-wide of theirs in the past.) The focus turns in a different direction than Nikon lenses. I think it takes the camera one extra reverse of direction to find focus, since the first hunt test is always the same direction, if its a Nikon lens, the focus system "knows" if things worsen on that first movement whether to continue forward or reverse, and assumes which direction is towards infinity. Someday I'll wave my camera/lens around for an hour and see - but the combination of different focus direction, and how small the difference is, led me to my conclusion.

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