dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

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Re: Another post I don't understand...

rsn48 wrote:

Its amazing how many guys will spend all kinds of money on lenses and quality glass, then won't break down and spend $10 on cleaning fluid designed for photo glass. I don't get it, could some one explaining to me so it makes rational sense.

Lots of things guys have tried leave residue on glass, why fiddle with stuff when its clear you don't know what you are doing. Break down and get the cleaning fluid from a photo store, it will last you a decade if no more, mine is 20 years old, I think I paid $4 back then.

I still have a spray bottle of ROR with some left over from 20 years ago. If I have to clean off a front element now, I use a Zeiss lens cleaner in a packet (get them at Walmart) then a dry microfiber cloth after it's dried to remove any residue.

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