Going back to D700 (from 800E). Shall I?!

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Going back to D700 (from 800E). Shall I?!

Havin a D700 I know by heart I felt like it's time to upgrade. Ordered myself a D800 and D800E which are on my desk for a week now.

Conclusion from this time

  • video is really a nice addon. But beyond 100mm my shake is too strong. And what to do with those video files? Large, boring to handle and lot of work ( way more than pictures). Guessed so before: I'm not a video guy

  • image quality

Having a shaky hand I'm used to at least 1/3f timing, never under 1/500s with kids from D700, and this holds true with the D800. It can be really sharp.

But all of my lenses, even 1.4/24, 1.4/85 and 4/300 have much more CA and color shifts with off-focus than on the D700, even when down sampled to 12MP

The 1.4/24 has badly focus issues wide open: centre point perfect close and far, side points l&r -15 closely focussed and -5 far.

I'm disappointed quite a lot with the focus. And yes, I set all AF to focus priority

  • file handling

LR4 started getting on my nerves with the D700 already, but with the D800 importing takes just forever. Win7pro64, 8GB, i7 8core, m4SSD 512GB. Don't start editing during preview rendering or you'll jump out the window.

  • others

High ISO, AF performance (for me auto does not face detect well, stick to 3D. Like on D700), handling... Nothing is really feeling better than on D700.

I suddenly feel like sending it back, keeping D700 and investing in some lenses rather.

Have I got two lemons (AF issue same with both, but perfect on my D700) or are my expectations just too high?!

Please help me find a good decision. Thanks!

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