River Sunset (I almost stopped posting here!)

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Re: River Sunset (I almost stopped posting here!)

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have a question for you.

Do you have children? There is nothing like the love that a mother has for her child. And if your young child came to you with a drawing, would you utter "that is complete rubbish" to your child? Is there anything positive in that message beyond hoping that the child will stop pestering you with terrible drawings? Now, you might reply .. "you're not my child", and that would certainly be true, but what about a close friend. Would you reply to a close friend that way? I think not.

You see, there are many people that seem to have missed the point or choose not to see it. I am not asking for false or shallow praise. Who would want that? I do want honest feedback, but I am not asking to be crapped on. Many people seem to use these forums as a place to vent their daily frustrations without any care for the human being at the other end. Things said on this forum would not be said if they were in person, because there is a general code of conduct between human beings. Sadly, that conduct is lacking in forums.

So, I do want constructive feedback ..."I think this is a bit under exposed" "I think this could have been improved by composing differently...." etc, etc. All positive, constructive feedback intended to provide the photographer with information that could help them AND things that you might say in person to the photographer.

"Your work is rubbish" is not something I would consider positive, and not something I think you would say to another if in person. There is no value in this statement. Of course, this is just my opinion. And given that this was a thread started by me, I was simply asking for people to respect my desire for constructive feedback.


Ashley Pomeroy wrote:

KFoisy wrote:

On the other hand, if you can't find anything positive to say (whether you're a novice or a pro), just plain don't like my work, you're having a bad day, whatever .. then please do us all a favour and move right along. No need to leave negative comments that discourage me and others. Thank you!

You'll never get better if you're not prepared to listen to rationality. The alternative is that you continue to post mediocre snapshots, and other people praise them in an empty and shallow way, and you never learn or improve or change. Like the people on Flickr with thousands of shots of their cats, back yard etc. You'll continue to do this until you get bored and stop and no-one will notice or care. Besides, if you're a rotten photographer it's a good thing for you to become discouraged and stop. There are countless mediocre wastes of time who relentlessly bang on for year after year after year. Here's one, four and a half thousand pieces of consistently awful rubbish posted non-stop for eight years , which is longer than the Beatles recorded together:

In the process you'll have benefited nobody, just like that chap. You won't have improved as a photographer. The people who praise your work don't care; they're just being polite, perhaps in the expectation that they'll get similarly empty praise in return. Doesn't mean a thing. The result is a closed system whereby a group of people with no hope or desire to learn praise each other, over a background of gnawing unease and uncertainty, masking a deep sense of inadequacy and fear. For the rest of it it's just a waste.

Yes, you can kid yourself that you've found a little haven in the storm. People you'll probably never meet sending you empty, meaningless messages. But it's a bubble; one sharp blow and it'll burst open. You can only weather the slings and arrows etc if you're tough on the inside, and you'll never develop that if you aren't prepared to accept the possibility that your work is rubbish and that other people (a) exist (b) are right. If you're lucky you might be able to stay in the bubble until you grow old and die, but you'll end up completely disconnected from reality.

So, continue on this path, drop out, or improve? Which is it going to be?

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