FF users, let us suppose that...

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Re: FF users, let us suppose that...

I have thought about this question myself a bit. Short answer: switch brands.

And not just because of the OVF, but because Sony doesn't release new lenses except at a glacial pace, a little overpriced, and the A mount generally seems neglected. Additionally, the FF market is becoming more competitive (rumored d600, pentax FF). If Sony were release lenses like Nikon (85 f1.8, 28, 17-35 f4, f1.8, 50 f1.8, 24-85 f3.5-4.5--in addition to their excellent top end glass and teles) I would probably put up with an EVF. I just don't think I need to stomach another blow. It's a real tragedy. I love my a850 and Zeiss/Minolta Glass, IBIS, Viewfinder and Sony/Minolta Colors, but geez, Sony is really quite behind at this point. The only reason I believe they will absolutely stay in the business is because of the their excellent sensor manufacturing. Also, I am not going to start hoarding a850/900s (though I have considered it). I would be dealing with a dying system (from my perspective) and the camera world has too much to offer for me to be stuck with a dying system. Plus, Sony's corporate policies ($440 just to look at my damaged Zeiss lens) or lack of support/presence is killer. Oh well, I have enjoyed the ride. I'll probably stick with my stuff for a bit, see what happens by 2013 and re-evaluate.

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