Half of D800 have issues???

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I personally don't think it's that high.

I finally got my D800 after pre ordering it the end of March.

Last week after some carefully focus tests my camera did back focus towards the extreme left and right focus points compared to live view by quite a bit.

Center focus was dead on.

A friend that has a D700 & D3 never really did a focus test and after I tested his D700 on Thursday using the same setup and my lens his extreme right was back focusing. For the 2 years he had his camera he always thought using the right focus point and soft images was user error.

I clearly showed him taking 5 photos and de focusing the lens in between consistently shows his right focus to be back focusing. He wont bother to send in his camera as its out of warranty plus he said he shoots with his center point 80% of the time. Now he knows to focus on one shoulder rather than their eye using the right focus point.

My guess and opinion most owners that do not do a complete focus test will never realize any errors. You have to shoot at least

I dropped off my camera to Nikon for service last week and should have it back this week. They told me three to five working days.

I can tell you that when I spoke to the service rep and a technical guy at Nikon Mississauga and they are aware of the focus issue on the D800's. I asked them both do you have a "procedure from nikon" to repair the camera as I do not want their service dept to try and guess how to fix the camera. Both said yes they have a procedure. I made it clear I can use the camera with the center focus points and when they have a fix I can send it in. They both assured me to send in just the body and they can fix it. I will see this week.

If this is in fact the case then the focus issue maybe a little bigger than just a few camera's.

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