35mm as 50mm equivvilant

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Nikon lens simulator

The link to the Nikon Lens Sim was a great help. I also was not aware that the Nikon 1.5 "crop factor" applied to the aperture as well, but it makes sense.

From the lens sim, I see that a 35mm on DX gives a 46.x field of view which is about the same as the 50mm on FX. So to my mind, in general terms, that the 35mm on DX DOES provide similar images as the 50mm on FX - which also validates Nikon's claim that the 35mm lens is the "Cartier-Bresson" lens for DX.

I went to join the Flickr "50mm" group and it appeared that they did NOT adhere to this concept, ie. only a 50mm lens is a 50mm lens...

To continue my views on "Normal Lens" I'm starting another thread: "Normal lens for DX cams".

Who was Ansel Adams' Ansel Adams?

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