Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Sample of "a few" - hmmm

Thom is neaither a hobbiest or one to quickly come to a pre-judgement based on my reading of his website and a few of his books, highly technical ( maybe too much so ), very grounded.

Now could he have seen a very strange and non-statistical group of D800's that is possible...

But i do trust there is something amiss.

I think there are some that just shoot, and maybe tolerate a few things amiss. Damm I did that with both my Mercedes and my Oldsmobile, one died at 96K and the other is going strong at 171K, neither was perfect but both worked.

Then there are those that will also shoot, but have enough sense to know what is right and wrong

Then there of course the peepers that nothing will be right

Thom is likely the second group

antoineb wrote:

  • firstly I'd be wary of drawing any conclusions from a sample of "a few". Let's say a minimum would be around 20

  • secondly there will be an enormous bias: people happy with their D800 will shut up and photograph, vs. people unhappy will lend their cameras for further testing

  • thirdly, this camera is too cheap. By which I mean that too many hobbyists can afford it, including people who will potentially anguish about something which is born out of geometry, or not realise that if a lens needs a -7 AF micro-adjust on one body, it might need +12 on another body and that's simply normal

At the end of the day, here is what I note: funny how there are so many "idiots" (they must be idiots, right, if we are to believe that ludicrous figure of 50% bad cameras?) buying this thing.

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