Have 16-85mm. Sell 18-105mm?

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Re: Have 16-85mm. Sell 18-105mm?

Since you are selling the 18-105mm, why not opt for a 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR instead of a 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR?

The 70-300mm lens is a full frame but will translate to a equivalent view of 105-450mm [since you're taking the centre portion of the frame]. which would pair up nicely with the 16-85mm. 55-200mm, pretty not sure about it since the ranges kinda overlap... you might get twisted with which lens to use between 55-85mm*

But personally it's up to you. If it was me I'd get 70-300mm VR lens, I've heard very good reviews about the lens for the price it's given (500-600$)

Also given your 16-85mm has the same filter size as the 18-105mm (both 67mm), it also makes sense to get the 70-300mm since it's filter size is 67mm too, so you don't have to buy (two) different filter rings for each lens but stick with one )

Nystagmus wrote:

Hey fellow shutterbugs - I recently purchased a D7000 with the kit lens (18-105mm) for a really good price (that's the reason why I went for the body + lens package). I also have the 16-85mm, which I understand to be a superior lens to the 18-105mm.

I'm thinking of selling the latter so I can buy say the 55-200mm lens which will give me more versatility in terms of range. What do you guys think? Just wanted to check with you guys just to make sure I'm not making a mistake.

I appreciate your input!

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