Question about copyright, models and the law...

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Re: Question about copyright, models and the law...

If you are going to take photos of ONE person, and run ahead of them and click off a hundred images, MAYBE.

But you cannot expect privacy in public place.

That is English common law, which governs about half the planet.

I'm sure that if you stand at the Grand Canyon and take pictures of the thing and there are tourists in your shot, that you run about and get model releases. Are you really that nuts? Or go to a local amateur baseball game in a public park?

Be reasonable. If that's where the US is at, tough. I'll take pictures in the rest of the world.

"Geez Louise, we took these at Disney but there is Mickey and some fools from Sweden in front, I guess we can't put those up for Aunty in Spokane, we didn't ask everyone for a model release."

Now if you are getting the hot 15 yr old from up the street to model for you in the basement dungeon you built I suggest you are asking for it. You better have terminal cancer and no cash.

Our local camera store has a weekend to shoot stuff they arrange. They always have up a coming models, which brings out 60 or so people of all ages and genders to take photos of them, in dresses, in swimsuits and so on. Several of the models handed out business cards saying they were available for nude photos. The good friend at the camera store told me 500 to 1k for 2 hours, and she wants to bring her make up person for $200, and SHE has the release papers for YOU to sign.

Some people here need to grow up.

And the rest need to understand that there are 3 worlds. The 3rd world where taking a photo might not be allowed and you might go to jail and stay there. Shooting some minor Saudi prince with his 4 wives and maybe you lose your ability to focus.

Then there is the USA. Some one will sue you. Maybe. Best to look if you go, and make sure the state of wherever is not going after you for using prohibited photos of Fort Gizmo which may have been closed in the 1700's but by golly no pics allowed.

Then there is the rest of the civilized world.

I was brought up that real men do NOT sue, do not use the courts themselves and settle differences behind the scenes.

The lawyers in my family (at one point 8 before retirements) did Real Estate and Wills, zoning applications and subdivision agreements. And a bit of 'family law', meaning divorces. Even family law here is about 'mediation', and not the entrenched US system you see on tv.

I was on the train to Moscow last year with my wife. We woke up in Berlin and changed trains for Prague. Moscow might be interesting, but I'd like other opinions first.

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